Tweet and retweet your blog using TweetMeme

Twitter is buzzword and the most favourite tool for the bloggers to promote their blogs and the blog visitors as well to get update with whats new in the blog. But how do you use twitter to promote your blog? Use TweetMeme button on your blog and avoid auto tweet plugins to tweet your blog posts.

Why should you tweet your blog?

This is a very interesting question often expected from new bloggers. As we all know that twitter has become such a favourite service among all other online social interactive media that mobile companies has now made this twitter service integrated with almost all internet compatible phones. Since people always love to send messages to their near and dear ones telling them about their choices, what they are doing etc. so this service gets popular as this application does not charges money for every message, the only thing you are paying for is internet service and that is too for unlimited twitter messages.

Thus people are getting more and more attach with twitter even when they are not in front of their PC. They use to share with their fellow friends what they are browsing online through twitter. So, if your are not tweeting your blog then its obvious that you are not getting in front of large section of people who are not using internet on PC to browse your blog and in fact you are also loosing another section of online PC user who may not get into your blog till some of their mobile twitter user has informed them about your website. That is why it is not only my opinion but a general opinion that you should tweet each of your blog post.

How should you tweet your blog?

There are lots of wp-plugins available for tweeting your blog post. But I think that using auto tweet plugins for word press does nothing good to your blog. Auto tweet plugins posts new messages on your twitter account starting with “New Blog Post”. This lefts a bad impression to your twitter followers that you are not physically involved with what is going on there and hence they will leave your new tweets as it is without any interaction with the blog post. In this state, your twitter account appears useless. So, tweet your each post manually with proper intelligence. I will discuss about that in my coming blog post.

Retweet blog posts using TweetMeme WP-plugin.

Tweeting important posts of your blog is only half the battle won, it is better to permit others helping you to win this battle. The followers of your tweeter account comes to your blogpost using your tweet but it is very hard to expect them to retweet it manually everytime they find a new useful information on your blog. So, a retweet button on each of your blogpost will provoke them to retweet the post if they find it useful for themselves and others as well. TweetMeme button WP- plugin helps a lot in this context. It also displays the number of tweets gathered by a blogpost.

Installing TweetMeme plugin will not only adds a retweet button to every blogpost but also provide you the privilege to customize the position and some other features regarding it. The best part of TweetMeme wp-plugin is that it is integrated with Analytics which helps you to check the stat of the recent 5 posts. So, each time you are posting a new article for your blog, give a little more time to tweet it manually on twitter and help others by putting retweet button on your post by installing TweetMeme plugins once.

Google friend connect helps branding your blog

Google friend connect adds a new dimension to this era of getting social and branding with a single click on the web. With more and more penetration of Google in every possible field of social interactivity platform and products that we like to use in our daily life, we are getting more powerful tool to get connected with our fans and friends. Google friend connect is among “one such must be used tools”.

Google Friend Connect, a social tool from Google.

Now, if you are a blogger, then it is obvious that you would like to get your blog promoted round the sphere through www. As I have just discussed that Google is trying to penetrate itself up to the extreme where human online needs meets satisfaction, so it has a large range of social web products including Google friend connect, that a large section of Jasmine Live users are using throughout the web. Since Google has the best idea of bringing every online user to get socialize, so they use to provide many voluntary details about someone who joins your Google friend connect widget present on your blog.

How Google Friend Connect, helps you & your blog.

This is nothing but a nice effort to bring like-minded people together on the web, displaying their choices of what they like to read and interest in each other's blog as well. Simplicity of with several facilities has made Google friend connect widget very popular. Since Google integrates many of all the information of a Google product user, so often someone who connects to your blog is promoting your blog through their own profile by showing their own interest in your blog by joining it. Hence when other people visit their profile can have easy access to your blog without your own promotion.

Whenever someone likes your blog or website, they can get a quick option on your Google Friend Connect widget present on the site and can join your friend circle, just with a click on Join Now button.

You can now a new friend in your friend widget whom you can send welcome message or any personal greetings or messages to establish your relationship in long run.

You can click of icon of your friend and can see their own choices of blogs and websites they have joined. Thus you can get to know about the choice of your jasmin live friend and often have possibilities to get like-minded people here.

Through their profile you can come to other new blogs and websites that match your niche, thus you can have a clear idea about what the world is thinking about the same niche that you too are interested about.

Similarly would be the case when some of your friend joins the Google friend connect widget or other blogs or websites, then followers of that blog or website possibly click on your friends profile and get joined to your blog through your friend. Thus your blog find its new way to promote itself through out the web.

So, Google friend connect not only helps you tracking your own blog popularity but also helps you to meet the like-minded people and branding your own blog through your friend's profile.

Does Alexa rank really worth for SEO experts.

Alexa Ranking is the most buzzword among new webmasters, domain owners and cheap SEO masters and for those who really mean to fool their customers / clients / novice students who are interested in learning SEO. I am sorry if this article would hurt your believe or sentiment or SEO masters personal ego, but what is truth will always truth.

Alexa Rank is often used to fool others.

First of all I would like to vote those webmasters and SEO experts who constantly advocate the fact that Alexa ranking has nothing to do with SEO. (Learn more about what are Alexa rank gnd Google page rank). All SEO expets know that Alexa never considers the actual unique data for ranking any website. Anyone can manipulate alexa ranking with little effort. I personally believe that if something can be manipulated easily, it can't be a parameter set for success.

Alexa rank has nothing to do with SEO.

Alexa rank is only a measure of popularity of your site. But it is completely im-perfect in counting global online visitors. It is only biased to calculate the livejasmin visitors from the browsers that have any of alexa product/ tools installed. Thus what you are getting a completely wrong perception about any website. SEO is completely different thing and has nothing to do with Alexa ranking.Because SEO is about inducing quality, relevancy and getting at the top of all search result in any search engine resulting pages and getting the most awaited Google Page rank reward from Google itself.

So, when you are doing SEO, it is only Google page rank and your position in search engine resulting pages for certain keywords that measures your success of SEO and not Alexa rank. The most attractive thing that I like about Google page rank is that it is being measured by the number of quality links from other websites that point to your websites voting for your website as being trust-worthy and relevant. Whereas Alexa ranking can be self manipulated in several ways that I am going to discuss in the last section of this article. So, its obvious that anything that can be self-manipulated by anyone can never be trust worthy parameter for SEO

Why everyone is running after Alexa ranking? The Alexa ranking myth.

Not everyone is running after Alexa ranking. I am not saying that Alexa is completely wrong. But it is mere a measure of your site's popularity only among Alexa users. This is even not sure whether that Alexa ranking is being achieved by self manipulation of real measure of popularity among Alexa users. It is quite obvious that a website with millions of visitor's who are not using Alexa product will rank less in compare to a site with only few hundreds of visitors, most of whom are using Alexa product. So, whats you think about this type of result.

A genuine SEO expert never runs after alexa ranking. Some webmasters and advertisers use to fool their clients by showing their high alexa ranking, mostly manipulated and use to claim their site to be very popular and ranking well to get sponsors for the website. The sponsors fall easy trap in such ranking results as 90% of people hardly knows how easy it is to manipulate this ranking to make easy money. Disclaimer: I never advocate the below mention manipulation ways of increasing Alexa ranking, so I have not illustrated any point in this post but it worth memtioning here to show you the ways that alexa ranking is easily manipulated. But those who are really interested in it, they don't have to get frustrated as i am going to illustrate it in some other post.

Easy ways to increase your alexa ranking.

1. Install the alexa toolbar and frequently visit your site yourself.

2. Install alexa rank widget to get counted for every visit including who doesnot have alexa tool install in your browser.

3. Encourage others to install alexa toolbar and visit your website.

4. Install alexa toolbar in different IP of your office and access your site from all the IPs.

5. Asians are fond of Alexa, so posting your URL in Asian forums will help increasing your website alexa raanking.

6. Post your links in webmaster forum as most of them have alexa toolbars installed in your browser.

7. Pay cybercafe owners to install alexa tool and promoting your site visit.

There are lots of other ways most of which only gaurantees the increase of alexa ranking but has nothing to do with SEO nor indicates about the quality of your website. So, trying for increasing Alexa ranking is not a sin but if you are talking about SEO then don't proof yourself as idiot SEO expert by talking to others about alexa rank in comparison to Google page rank.

Avoid Keyword research tools | Keyword Selection tips

Keyword research or selection is the only secret skill that can help you win the online existence. But, this is very unfortunate that this secret is not hidden and everyone is running after the same. Consequently when everyone is running after keywords, the competition for the keyword gets stiffer. But you can win this battle with little more intelligence. Below I have mentioned the strategy that I follow for keyword selection.

I always avoid any keyword research software for keyword selection but I always use them whenever I have to do research for keyword. Now you may be getting puzzeled. Don't worry, everything is being clearly mentioned here.

Disclaimer: I never claim to be the best keyword selector and all my keywords get 100% hits, but I often find my keyword works for 1st page of search result.

Why I avoid any keyword research tool?

The main reason of avoiding keyword research tool for selecting keywords is nothing but its popularity. To me, it appears that sometimes your strength is so much visible that it becomes your most appearing weakness. Whenever anybody starts searching the for how to do keyword research, then any search engine you consider gets flooded with various software tools available for keyword research. Though each and every software tool performs different way but I never rely on just click and pick method from their result, because it is obvious that what I am using is being used by lakhs or crores of blogger. So, what is special you are trying? its just something better than nothing.

Solution: Defenitely don't avoid these keyword selection tools but try your own brain or take advice of SEO experts to select the best keyword for you.

So, How do I select key?

Its nothing special way, but a simple tricky way. I generally use to follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Never use any specific keyword tool except Google Adword Tool. But never just open Google tool and pick from it.

Analyse each and every synonyms available from keyword selection tool.

Take considerable to put each and every available keyword suggestion in Google Adword Tool.

Since I cares about AdSense, I use to analyse Advertiser Competition and Search Volume.

I try to select the medium advertiser competition competition with medium to high search volume depending upon the topic to write upon. But this is not the end.

Now selects few of them that I think will work out for me, now put each of them in the most wanted Google Search Engine.

Now I use to check out the medium competitive keywords in search results among them and start working on them.

May be you find this is the most non-sense way of selection but one thing I would like to say you that no software can take place of human brain and human instinct. You should agree that better ideas may emerge in seconds but it takes time to reach towards the best cumulative ideas to choose from. But do stick to the ideas that work for you.

Common SEO mistakes are Image optimization mistakes

SEO common mistakes are what lots of bloggers are found to make when it comes to adding image to their blogs.Some people avoid adding images to their blogs posts where it is really needed. But readers love to check the accompanying image graphics on the blog posts and they are much inclined to read and share. The image adds potential to the posts for attracting visitors and linking by them.

The common mistake made by Big Blog Academy blog?

This is the most common mistake, I too have made in most of the posts till now while writing posts for Big Blog Academy. My visitors may be searching through myposts for images that help them getting interest in my posts. But since last few posts I start experimenting with adding images to the posts and really gets surprised at the visitors performance on those pages. So, it works. Atleast adding image on blog post does not hurt. So, add image to each blog posts.

Images optimization for your blog

WordPress has already most of the features integrated within to help you uploading media on the fly and do image optimization. The heavy and big size images should not be uploaded directly to blogposts as it makes your blog heavy and takes time more than expected to load which is bad for your blog. There are lots of Wp-plugins available for cropping and re-sizing images to fit nicely within the content either above or alongside. A little knowledge about photoshop helps you even more.

SEO optimization for images

The SEO experts are very much concerned about every kind of optimization related to images. Adding images to your blog is only half the battle conquered. You should add alt tag to each image so that search engines can realize the image because search engines are image blind. The text within the images are not readable by search engines so the alt text for images helps the search engines to read the images and helps the post images to appear in the image search results thus the blog gets more exposure in front of potential image visitors to visit the blog.

SEO learning step by step

Search Engine Optimization or SEO we all know is almost a never-ending job and often many people are found to get overwhelmed by SEO. But it is never so hectic experience for those who have understand the basics of SEO step by step. Instead, when SEO being learned step by step increases curiosity and developes interest among the SEO learners to reach the next extreme and watch out the results.

How to avoid overwhelming from SEO?

To be perfectionist is ok, but to overlook situation demand is nothing but foolishness. Few of my SEO students are seems to be so perfectionist in nature that they demand each and every thing to be ok for SEO before publishing any changes made by them on their blogs. Apparently it seems to be a good habit, but I must admit, this is one of the worst reason that invites fatigue within your soul and gradually will kill your SEO spirit.

The reason being quite simple - human soul expects results from their achievement, but when you are struggling hard for long without result, your soul starts loosing hopes. Similarly, SEO is a long process of making changes and getting perfect after subsequent trail and error process. So the best way to keep your enthusiasm up is to keep on changing small factors concerning SEO and publish it to get results.

Don't wait for publishing SEO changes.

As I have mentioned earlier that many new SEO learners have the tendency to publish changes once they have finished completely. This has two disadvantage.

1. You have to wait long for complete SEO before publishing and getting the results, thus you starts loosing your faith.

2. You are loosing the attraction of Google spiders. As we know that Google loves changes, hence if you starts publishing in small chunks then Google spiders starts getting new changes in your blog and thus you are providing reasons to the spiders for visiting to your blog more often, thus helps increasing your blog visibility to Google which is considered as the most important factor of SEO.

When to publish SEO changes?

If you are doing SEO, you should know that Google loves changes or something new on the web. So, every time you have made any little changes in your blog regarding SEO, do publish it and don't wait till another new idea of SEO comes in your mind.

1. If you have made any changes in Blog title, publish it before waiting long for another changes to get completed.

2. While working upon keyword density, you have done up to certain level have to wait for some new idea about something else about SEO, just publish it before starts waiting.

3. Publish your blog if you have done any SEO changes in meta description, meta keyword tag or whole meta section and waiting for something else.

Though it is not wise to re-publish your every minute, but it does not have any bad impact known to me if you are doing so. It has a positive impact on your blog if you have .xml site-map present in your blog. This site-map notices the frequency of changes and inform it to Google spiders to crawl your page more frequently, which is positive for SEO.

On page and Off page SEO factors

SEO is the prime concern of every bloggers and webmasters who know that creating content is not the final thing but there is much more, that should be kept in mind from the very beginning of all to get the content rank in the search engine resulting pages. But most of the new bloggers or website owners does not even have clear conception about types of SEO. Here on this post you will get a little idea about the types of SEO and the factors affecting SEO.

SEO has been divided into two broad categories - On page SEO and Off page SEO.

On page SEO

This includes the over all of your website or blog which sets the foundation of the optimization process, so that the search engines can find it more useful for the readers who are searching for some keyword present on your article.

- When talking about on page factors for search engine optimization, it is better to understand that it starts right from the selection of domain name URL, permalink name and structural url naming.

- Error free html coding in the site will add to SEO.

- Creating quality content rich with information for every targeted keyword will help developing authenticity of your site in the eyes of search engine.

- Site map creation .xml type helps the search engines crawl better on your site in customized way.

- Internal linking between posts do even better. Try linking between newer and older post on your blog/ website whenever possible.

- The selection of title also worth mentioning. Google and other search engines do rely on title for setting relevancy of the content with the search terms.

On page factors that should be avoided

- Keyword stuffing - Inserting lots of keywords on a single page will ont only dilute your necessary keyword density for search engine ranking but the repetition of keyword will risk you to get caught for keyword spamming.

- Duplicate content - Search engines and the readers as well love only orignal content to read.

- Cloacking - never try to show something else to your readers than what search engines can see.

- Hidden text - Hiding text by using same font and background color will not help you as search engines will caught you and may ban your site for black hat SEO.

Off page factors

The off page factors are the toughest part to achieve in compare to on page SEO as it focuses on developing site's relationship with other sites. These includes the following:

Using anchor text - Anchor text in the links to relevant sites or pages with similar content on your site helps the search engines to know more clearly about your site.

Establishing links with quality sites helps acquiring more authenticity from search engines.

Developing link popularity can be achieved from social bookmarking, social networks etc.

So, on page and off page SEO are two different aspects of search engine optimization targeting towards the same goal of attaining higher search engine ranking thus bringing more and more traffic to your site, giving better ROI from your blog or website.