Relevant backlinks are Quality backlinks

Backlinks are the main point of attraction or parameter of success set for any website or blog. But there is mis-conception about backlinks, specially among new website owners or bloggers. I never claimed myself as an expert in setting up quality backlinks but the newbies should have clear conception about it, so that they should not ran after link farming, instead spend their valuable time in gathering quality backlinks in effective way.

Backlinks are links from another websites that points towards your website. It is important as it is considered as a vote by other website towards your website, which increases the authenticity of your website. The more the backlink you have, the higher the pagerank that your website will get. I have already written in my previous posts about backlinks. You can read about it following the link below.

What are backlinks? Why they are so important?

But gathering a lots of backlinks is not enough to help winning the race of getting higher page rank. It is the quality backlinks that help your website to get more authentication and higher page rank.

What are quality backlinks?

Quality backlinks are the links pointing towards your website from another websites which have higher page rank and belongs to your own niche. Just collecting lots of links from different websites which does'nt belongs to your niche may help only increasing the number of links but does not helps increasing your page rank, even you may be suspected of doing link farming and may get Google penalty for that. So, try to gather backlinks from quality sites belong to your niche as these links are more relevant to your niche.

Why relevant backlinks are quality backlinks?

Google is always trying to make their search performance better by serving the most relevant information for the searched words. Now when it starts searching web for any search term and gets your website, then it also looks for, the types of websites that are pointing towards your websites. If it founds that your site has ben referred by other sites belong to your niche, then this puts extra weight to your website, because both the websites work on the same niche and it is only if the quality of your website is good then others belong to your niche will backlinks towards your website.

Let me clarify this with a simple example. Suppose you are a patient and you are asking others for some hospital that can treat your disease. Now on the way you meet two persons an internet expert and a doctor. Both of them suggest you about 2 different hospitals, then it is obvious that you would put extra weightage on the hospital that the doctor is referring because he belongs to the profession of medical and know better about the place where you can get right treatment.

How to get quality backlinks?

Quality backlinks can be achieved by commenting on blogs about same niche as yours, posting on similar niche forum along with your signature and exchanging links with websites and blogs of same niche. But avoid nofollow backlinks as Google or other search engines does not follow these links.

So, running after gathering links from other website is good, but you should spend valuable time in gathering quality links that helps increasing your page rank.

Purchasing high PR paid link may ripped you off

A high PR paid link for increasing back links may completely ripped you off. First of all it is always recommended by Google never to use paid link on your site to avoid Google penalization. If you wish then you should prevent Google from crawling that page by using robot.txt. So, its now became meaning less to purchase paid link when the link is not being read by Google.

Anyways, some people smartly manage to cheat Google. Still purchasing high 8 PR links may not work for you as you are thinking, rather it provides the benefit juice of PR 2. But some people are still managing paid link and others are cashing on it. I am not saying that, its common incedent but you have to be careful while opting for high PR paid link as back links.

Why PR 8 links may work as PR 2?

It is due to link dilution. Most of the link seller often found to have maintaining few domains since long with best possible SEO. They are doing this only with an intention of getting high page rank to their sites only for selling links to others as paid link to provide back links to other sites. Till now every thing is perfect but the problem arise when more than one webmaster use to acquire the paid link from the same link seller on from the same website.

Whats wrong in getting high PR paid link from such seller?

There is nothing wrong except that you are paying high price for low value PR link. Though appearantly the back links seems to come from high PR sites but due to presence of lots of outbound links on the same page of the site will not supply all the link juice to your site, instead you are actually sharing the link juice with other outbound link sites. So, its possible that you have a paid link from a website with PR 8 but the site has 3 other outbound links present, so you are not enjoying the link juice of having back link from PR 8 site, instead you are enjoying the link juice of PR 2 site as back link to your site because other 3 outbound links are also sharing the PR 8 link juice with you. This way you may be ripped off paying high price for a appearantly high value PR but having low value PR effect.