How to select SEO friendly URL

Tips for selection of URL

Selection of URL may sound easy for those who are just planning to get into online world. But it is something which you can't take so lightly because the SEO for any site begins from the URL.

What is site URL?

By the term site url, we mean unique address that anybody can use in the address bar of the browser to visit your site. No two site are there with same url, there must have been some or little difference between them. Some url may generally pronounced same but have difference in them with hyphens and dots.

General trend of URL selection among newbies.

A general trend among newbies about selection of URL is that they prefer to name their site based on their name followed by .com.

Nobody cares who you are.

Naming the URL of your site with your name followed by .com sounds good right? It seems that your name would be branded on world wide web (www). But hold on, do you really think that any one bothers about your online presence or what you are writing on the web. Absolutely not. No body is interested in your name neither do they know that someone with your name is adding daily something interesting on the web, that worth reading.

What are being searched on the web?

The internet users are searching information about lots of stuffs every seconds that they are interested about. Starting from education, medical, movies, fashion, wallpapers, tutorials, ebooks, beauty products, services offered on various fields, online booking etc.

But do you think they are ever searching your name? No, absolutely not. Because when you are starting to make your online presence, you are not famous till then nor you have that much capital to promote your name. If you are any one of the two, then you are ok with the URL with your name otherwise you are just about to take your first wrong decision at the very beginning of registering your online existence.

So, how they are being searched?

Online visitors are always searching for new topics based on specific words known as keywords or in combination of some words that make's sense known as key phrases or phrases. So, suppose you have a company selling someone products online and anyone searching for the product who don't know you would type the name of the product and not the name of your site to search the product. So, its true that the whole world except few don't know you and they would type the name of the product to search for the product you are selling online.

So, here are some tips to select the URL that are user friendly and SEO friendly.

1. Always select your URL after you have done selection of your niche.

2. Find a name for your URL that best matches the niche (topic) of your site.

3. Avoid using your own name or any non relevant name for your site URL.

4. If possible search for .com as people are very much used to with dot com extension.

5. Search short name URL for best result.

6. The URL name should be catchy and memorable.

7. If possible avoid using hyphen or dot in the url as people often makes mistake in typing these and bounces off your site.

8. You can use synonyms in URL in you are not getting the desired name. Search engines are getting smarter these days to understand the semantics of URL and correlates with the search keywords to display them in the search results.

9. Combo abbreviation of two terms also made a good URL name.

10. URL in phrases are also SEO friendly as search engines find them more friendly to set the relevancy of the site with the key phrase or keyword used in the URL.

So, it is your site's URL which comes first when search engines searches for something most relevant to display in the search result and when it comes to setting up relevancy the naming that matches your niche would work best for your site. So, be careful about selection of URL for your website or blog.

Promote your blog by Joining own Google friend connect

Google friend connect as I told in my earlier blog post is a social promotion tool for blogs and website. This is one of the must have gadget that should be on your blog to promote it. Far more important is that you too should join your own friend connect account.

Why should you join your own friend connect gadget on your blog?

The common mistake that most bloggers use to do is that they think their job is over just by creating and attaching a Google friend connect gadget in proper place of their blog. Though this works but you are probably ignoring yourself as potential promoter of your own blog without joining your own Google friend connect. The fact is that joining your own friend connect does not have any direct consequences of your blog promotion. On the contrary, it indirectly helps promoting your blog when you join other's Google friend connect gadget.

How blog promotion happens by joining own friend connect?

The Google friend connect has special feature of displaying the blogs or website that you have joined publicly. Your own blog promotion also plays in when you join your own blog. A large number of visitors always like to click your icon on friend connect gadget either to establish online friendship with you or to know what you are following. Now, if you are joining only other's friend connect ignoring yours, then other visitors of those blogs only comes to know about theose other sites. But joining your own blog's friend connect gadget will help you promoting your blog. When others visit your profile of friend connect, they will also get the link to your blog that they may take interest to visit and may like to join your friend connect and thus helps promoting your blog along with you.

So, it is better to take all the opportunity of promoting your own blog may it be your own Google friend connect tool.