Twitter - 7 tips on how to use twitter

Twitter is a buzz word. Every one seems to be twittering. But to those who are still new to internet and just heard the buzz Twitter, here is a handful of information about Twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free social networking or micro-blogging service available on net. It is also used as SMS or short message service with a character limitation to 140. It allows to send quick message to friends - family about any updates or your status.

How to use Twitter efficiently?

Like everything, twitter also has its etiquettes to use. Unfortunately like any other new service available on net Twitter is being exploited much than proper use. Here are few tips to use it efficiently to get the max out put from it.

1. Don't get in hurry for posting something no sooner you have completed registration. Complete your profile page entry. Upload a proper theme / template picture that not only suits your personality but should attract twitter users to stop at your profile page.

2. Be selective while you are about to follow some one. Following some one having same interest as you will help you much to get most out of twitter. Just following any one will help you nothing but meshing up your tweets.

3. Be patient to update something. High frequency of updating your status or links from you will let your profile at the risk of being removed by your followers thinking as if you are spamming.

4. Be regular to tweet something but in limited frequency in a day to show that you are an active twitter user, otherwise you will be removed by your follower thinking as if your profile is dead one.

5. Don't use twitter only to post links frequently which proves you as spammer there.

6. Do follow others and their tweets to attract them to follow you and your tweets.

7. If you have some updates, check out first whether that already has been tweeted by someone else or not. Sending same tweets to your followers which has been updated earlier will create a bad image about your updates and your followers will gradually start ignoring you.

How many keywords can be used in one page

"How many Keywords can be used per page?" is the most common question that swirls round most of our mind while publishing any article. But the exact answer is yet to be known as Search Engines never disclose their rules of selecting the most relevant pages. But there is general trend used by most of us about the number of keyword that should be present on each webpage.

Effects of too many keyword on a single page.

Most of the people try to use too many different types of keywords or key phrases on a single page thinking that this would help them bringing traffic to that page by hitting any of the keyword present there. But this is a mis-concept. While trying to use more than two or three different types of keyword would resulting in dilution of different keyword density on the same page resulting that your page would rank for non of the keyword search on the search engines.

It would be better if a whole site with 40 pages being created with in a biased way with two or three keywords instead of a single page with 40 keywords. The former type of sites will rank top of the search engine for those two or three targeted keyword and be able to bring more and more traffic due to its relevancy with the search terms. Each of the 40 page will provide 40 different roads to reach the same website. On the other hand the single page with 40 different keyword would compete with each other diluting the required keyword density to get found by search engine.

This also has the same effect on the ads being served by different advertising companies. The website with 2 or 3 primary keyword would get the most relevant ads compare to the next type where the ads serving has been affected by dilution of keyword density resulting in non related ads.

Conclusion: It would be better to focus on 2 or max up to 3 different keywords on a single page to get better search engine ranking results.