Create a xml sitemap for wordpress, blogspot / blogger

What is Xml Sitemap? How sitemap helps the site?

Sitemap are of same importance to all the blogs or websites whether it is old or new. Sitemap helps the search engines to get inform about the new or undiscovered content present in your blog or website. Hence sitemap creation for WordPress and blogger has same importance.

Sitemap are specially importance for the new contents to inform search engines about the new URL and the meta data about it available for crawling. Thus it helps the search bots to crawl over the new updated pages, old modified pages without any problem and getting indexed quickly. Sitemap is generally kept or uploaded in the root directory of the blog / site.

Is sitemap compulsory for crawling?

No, sitemap is not compulsory and your site can be easily crawled by search bots even if your site does not have search engines. Generally search engines like to crawl any site using external links. If your site is linked with already indexed or crawled external sites or any new updated page being linked with already indexed external or internal pages, then search engines will easily access your site from those sites or pages while crawling those sites. But if your site is completely new or have lots of pages yet not crawled by search engines or not having well linked internal pages, then it is advisible to submit sitemap to search engines to get indexed soon.

Create xml sitemap for WordPress blogs.

Creating .xml sitemap for your WordPress blog has got quite simpler with the Google Sitemap generator plugin. You can download this plugin by clicking on the link Google sitemap generator plugin download. Simply upload it in your WordPress plugins directory. Now go your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins, click on activate link to activate this sitemap generator plugin. With the activation of this plugin, a new xml sitemap file gets created in the root directory of your blog. You can go to settings to change the priority of crawling by search engines. You can also download the plugin from Google Sitemap generator site.

Create xml sitemal for blogger blogs

Creating xml sitemap for blogger blogs is even more easy than WordPress blogs. The all you need to do is to login in to Google webmaster tools with your gmail username and password. Then you will be prompted to add your site URL and verify it. Follow the instructions there to verify your site. Now after verification, go to dashboard of your site in webmaster tools.

Now click on sitemap link under site configuration navigation link present on left hand column. After clicking the link, click on submit a sitemap button. Now you will be provided a box to write the file name. The Atom feed of your blog is your sitemap. Paste the link of the atom feed.

Anchor text links help search engine ranking

Anchor text are considered very important from the search engine ranking point of view. The successful bloggers use this anchor text as one of the effective SEO tool to achieve higher ranking in Search engine resulting pages.

What is anchor text?

Anchor text are the words or phrases enclosed in the hyperlinks to some relevant page either present within the sites or some external sites. It is the second highest SEO factors that most of the webmasters use in their blogs and sites to prove their pages more relevant in the eyes of search engines. There are several another on page and off page SEO factors which helps ranking your web-page. In the above line, on page and off page SEO factors has been hyperlinked to the related page within my blog. The words enclosed in the hyperlink above is the anchor text.

How this anchor text helps your readers?

The anchor text helps your readers to get a clear idea about what they would expect to read on the page that they are going to click. The above example shown by me clearly helps the readers to get an idea that if they would click on the link above, they would land on the page which will tell them only about on page and off page factors of SEO. This is better approach to the readers instead of telling them just click here to know more about on page and off page factors. If I would rather tell my readers click here, the readers may hesitate to click on it as they may be start guessing about the page they are going to land after clicking the link.

The drawbacks of click here anchor text?

Many new bloggers or website owners who does not know the usability of applying proper anchor text often fails to achieve high ranking despite of using many relevant anchor text in their blogs or site. The simple reason being that they often use click here term as their anchor text. Now let us look at the impact of the words used in anchor text. The words used to hyperlink other relevant pages turns to keyword. Now, it is very obvious that click here is a keyword that we are not targeting for ranking higher in the search result. So, its better to use the terms as anchor to the page as keyword that you would like to rank for in the search engines.

How anchor text helps your blogs/ sites in search engine ranking?

Anchor text not only helps reader but the blog/ site owner in achieving search engine ranking. Search engine especially Google has a special operator "allinanchor" which is always engaged in searching anchor text links all over the web. The high importance to anchor text links by Google is due to the fact that Google's one of the prime factor for providing page rank is considering back links to a website and the anchor text all over the web provides this back link. This is a symbol of trust by one site over other or the pages within the own site. People often links to the most relevant page appear to them associated with the word. So, while crawling for this anchor text, Google search engines and others give more importance to the sites connecting with this anchor text back links. Even when you connect to some already trusted site by Google, then your site also acquire some importance in terms of being associated with trusted site and most relevant page associated with the word. This way Google search engines plays a positive role in increasing your search engine ranking by trusting your site. So, from the very next time, when you would start writing or doing SEO, do consider anchor text links as being 2nd most important factor of SEO for achieving higher ranking in search engines.