About BlueCollarAndProudOfIt.com

The objective of bluecollarandproudofit.com is to direct and educate people interested in pursuing blue collar positions. We’re here to promote the blue collar workers of American and to let everyone know it’s OKAY not to be a “high tech”er. This website explains what we’re here to do and why we’d like you to become a member.

This website is filled with advice and resources for training and funding a career as a skilled tradesman or technician. It contains a large collection of valuable information that we hope will:

  • Encourage you to investigate blue collar positions
  • Lead you to available training and/or necessary funding
  • Provide you with down to earth advice and mentoring.

Our goal is to become your primary resource for any information related to obtaining and maintaining blue collar positions, whether it be a career in the trades, as a skilled technician within the manufacturing industry, or as a self-employed service contractor. Here you’ll be encouraged to consider a physical job and/or build your own small business.

As a member of BLUECOLLARANDPROUDOFIT.COM, you’ll be able to take advantage of the information provided on our quarterly newsletter and the many discount opportunties we are currently negotiating on your behalf with major retailers, home improvement centers, tire centers, etc. This website just touches the surface of the information we will provide to you.

So, take a look, browse through the site and let us know how you like it.

Who am I?

I am 43 years old and I own my own construction company. I have been in business for 23 years. I have 28 employees and 15 trucks. I have about 400 residential houses that contract us for grass cutting and snow plowing. We also build staircases, walkways and big retaining walls. Three years ago I started our own asphalt paving crew that installs new driveways. We are a $2 million company. I barely graduated from high school but was lucky to have some great mentors in my life.

My Concern:

Lately I see a big problem, and this is the problem that I want to address. I don’t like how the schools of our country all want our kids to go off to 4-year schools to be white collar workers placed in cubicles and studying computers all day. Not only do I hear this from my friends and family, I have seen it first hand with my own children at their schools.

The Reality:

Stop and think about two things.

  • How many people have you heard go off to college and then drop out?
  • How many parents get equity loans on their homes to finance this venture and end up getting disappointed?
  • How many parents and guidiance counselors force kids that are not interested to enroll in 4 year colleges?
  • How many finally complete college and can’t find a job?

Statistics show manufacturing output rose by 47% during the past decade, compared with a rise in the WHOLE economy of only 34%.

Have you called a contractor lately, an electrician or a plumber? If so, did they call you back? Probably not, They’re usually too busy. They’re the ones in the driver’s seats when it comes to job negotiation!

Blue Collar positions are rewarding, profitable and usually the best opportunity for more people than you think. College isn’t for everyone! If you’re bluecollar material, be proud of it!!!!!! And benefit from the opportunities available!!!